Yndisløg – Treasured Songs

Yndisløg – Treasured Songs

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1. Verðin undurfull er (What a Wonderful World)

2. Mussa meg (Besame Mucho)

3. Ynski (May Each Day)

4. Nánd (De nære ting)

5. Halt mær til góðar (Rose Garden/I beg your pardon)

6. Lættur í lund

7. Sangur um frælsi (Sång om Frihet)

8. Lorelei

9. Elska eymligt (Love Me Tender)

10. So fitt sum í gomlum døgum (Så sødt som i gamle dage)

11. Áarvegurin (Streets of London)

12. Mín einasti eini (Du ar den ende)

13. Nu folder jeg hånd og tanke

14. Veraldarendi (The End of the World)

15. Lít allar tínar leiðir

On it’s way for a long time

After having waited for three long years, Elin Brimheim Heinesen & Ad Libitum were, finally, able to release their sought after CD: Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir (in English: Treasured Songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane) in the summer 2010.

The CD oozes nostalgia, romance, pensiveness, a will to life and love for the human kind.

The CD was recorded partly in September 2005 and partly in January 2007. The recordings were mostly recorded live sessions in the studio. But the release date was postponed for a long time because they had troubles getting the final rights to publish some of the songs in Faroese.

The release date was, finally, set to July 12, 2010.

Dedicated to the memory of Maud & Svenn

The CD is dedicated to the memory of the siblings Maud Heinesen, Elin’s mother, and Svenn Brimheim, Elin’s uncle, who both died of cancer – Maud in 2005 and Svenn in 2006. The purpose is to honour all victims of this terrible desease. The CD is also a tribute to the past – to the time, when these people were young and healthy – and to the splendid music they gave to our generation.

The songs on the CD are primarily Maud’s And Svenn’s most treasured songs. While they struggled to beat the decease and the whole family gathered to comfort each other, Elin often sang these songs, while Svenn played guitar. One day Elin’s mother said that she thought it was a little strange that nobody had translated these fine evergreens to Faroese before. This remark gave Elin the idea to translate the songs into Faroese.

Buy the cd and donate to the cancer society

The CD is sold out in the stores. BUT… Elin has a few CD’s left to sell, so it is possible to order the CD directly from her – and thus, and get a copy or more of the CD.

By ordering the CD you donate money to the Faroese Cancer Society. For each copy sold the Cancer Society will receive an ammount to support them in their cause trying to beat cancer and in helping cancer patients and their relatives.

The CD is available for only 120 DKK + postal expences.
OBS! The Faroese Cancer Society will receive 20 DKK for every copy sold.

An ideal gift for those you love

This CD is ideal to give…
– to people you wish to show your love for
– to your parents, other members of your family or, perhaps, friends who can remember these songs from their younger years
– to people who love acoustic unpretentious live music
– to yourself, just because you like the music … 🙂
– or to anyone who likes to support the struggle against cancer

How to get the CD

Send an E-mail to elinbrimheimheinesen@gmail.com to order one or more copies of the CD: Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir (Treasured Songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane) and have it sent by postal mail.


This is what Elin has written on the cover about the CD:

A Few Words about the Origin of the CD Yndisløg / Treasured Songs

“In 2004, my mother, Maud Heinesen, and her brother, my uncle Svenn Brimheim, were both diagnosed with incurable cancer. My mother had cancer of the lung and Svenn had melanoma skin cancer. So we, the family, could do little more than seek comfort in each other in these hard times. I worked in Denmark at the time, but I tried to come home as often as I could and stay as long as possible. In May, 2005, my mother was paralysed from the chest down and was bed bound after that. I spent much of this period by her bed, singing songs from her youth that I knew she loved. These songs formed an important part of my upbringing as a little girl in the 60s. We agreed that it was strange to see that such great songs had never been translated to Faroese. So I decided to translate or rewrite some of them.

Svenn, who was relatively well at the time, also visited my mother a lot. Sometimes he would bring his guitar and I would sing, just like we used to do when the family gathered together in the past. And then the idea struck me: why don’t Svenn and I record these songs together? We had been talking about recording music together for at least 25 years – without ever doing it – so why not do it now before it was too late? Svenn agreed, and he added a few of his personal favourites to the repertoire. The thought of making a CD didn’t really occur to us – simply recording the songs was the most important thing to us. Both Svenn and I have been working for the Faroese national radio in the past, so I went to them and asked for permission to use their studios. They kindly offered us free use of their studio for two nights.

Unfortunately, my mother didn’t live to hear these recordings – she died on 7 September, 2005. This made me realise even more how important it was to record these songs. Two weeks later, we went into the studios to record.

The first evening when I went to pick up Svenn, he was rehearsing with his band, Ad Libitum, a band with two mandolins, two guitars and a double bass. I went in to meet them. They were playing the song Nánd when I entered and I started singing with them spontaneously. We looked at each other and I think both parties agreed this was a good combination, so I asked them if they would like to join me and Svenn in the studio, hoping that something would come out of it – and it did: the following evening we had recorded eight songs, four of which with all the Ad Libitum members. The songs were recorded live and without any previous rehearsals, but afterwards we agreed that perhaps the recordings were still good enough to release on a CD.

However, eight songs are not enough for a full CD, so we decided to record seven other songs at a later date. I had to return to Denmark where I worked as a magazine editor, but I promised to come back to record the remaining songs. This was a time when Svenn travelled a lot to Denmark for treatment. He used to live with me there and we rehearsed the seven remaining songs. We decided that I should come back home to the Faroe Islands at Easter, 2006, to record these seven songs. Shortly before Easter, however, Svenn’s condition deteriorated fast. I went home but only a few days later, Svenn died.

I know how sad he was about not being able to complete this project. Two days before he died, I promised him to complete the CD together with Ad Libitum and he was very happy to hear that. We managed to keep our promise and I recorded the seven songs with the remaining Ad Libitum members in January, 2007. You’re holding the result in your hands right now.

I have chosen the title Yndisløg – Treasured Songs – because these are songs that I grew up with and which my family loved so much – especially my mother and Svenn. I hope these songs will become favourites for others too, so that they will support this release. If there will be any profits, the Faroese Cancer Association will receive a donation of every sold copy.

I would like to dedicate this CD to the memory of my mother, Maud Heinesen, and my mother’s brother, Svenn Brimheim. I love you.”

Best regards
Elin Brimheim Heinesen , July 2007